Tuesday, 2 April 2013

If something works - use it!

I am needing to retract a statement from my post yesterday about not cleaning with chemicals.  I was doing spring cleaning at my church today and was given the most fabulous tip.  And if something works, I am going to use it!

To cut grease, specifically on a kitchen range hood, use an ammonia based glass cleaner.  It doesn't have to be brand specific, but the stuff I used was blue and it had ammonia.  It cut through the grease like nothing.  I had cleaned this same hood last year and scrubbed and scrubbed with everything I could think of, even SOS pads.  I was so excited about this discovery that I said, it has to be on Pinterest.  So here it is.

I am going to have to go and buy me some of this now.

I also thought it ironic that I was just stating that I don't "spring clean" my house but I do at church.  Well, if there is a need, I will usually step up.  It does make me want to dig a little deeper this week to get some of my hidden stuff clean, but I think for my sanity and physical well being, I will stick to the clean as the need arises technique.  

It did come up in conversation as a bunch of us women were scrubbing away, that back in the day, moms might have had clean houses, but these women don't remember their moms reading them a book or helping their moms bake.  So again, it's all about balance.

With a Barrel and a Heap of cleanliness,


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