Thursday, 21 November 2013

Crochet Soother Chain

2 posts in one day – Wow, I must really be avoiding cleaning.

Here’s a very simple crochet pattern – it only takes about ½ an hour and voila – your baby has a decorative and functional soother chain, easily washed and can be remade when it gets too ratty.

I haven’t written many patterns so forgive me as I try to explain it as best I can and use a few pictures to help explain.  Hope you can figure it out – it’s pretty versatile and you can make it to your own technique too once you have the concept.

Crochet Soother Chain with Flower

Cotton Yarn (doesn’t pill, washes well, kind of a pain to work with)
3.75 mm hook
Button with loop on the back
Suspender clip (found at the sewing store and took it apart so I was left with the clasp)

Chain 50.
Count back from your hook 15 ch and join with single crochet.
Continue sc until you reach the end.
Join your flower colour (leave a long string for sewing).
Work 8 hdc in a circle around the last sc in the chain.
Join to first hdc with slip stitch.
*Work 3 dc in same hdc, sl st to next ch* repeat from * to* finish off.
Attach your button and clasp by sewing through repeatedly until it feels secure.
Weave in ends.

 With a Barrel and a Heap of Crochet fun,


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