Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Rest in the Bedroom

Our bedroom was the absolutely last room to be touched in our house with a decorative touch.  I didn't mind so much, but had on occasion longed for more of a sanctuary.

I knew that it had to start with a bed spread.  You can't pick a colour pallet until you find a duvet cover to match it to.  I don't know much about decorating but that little piece of advice is important.

Our room was very beige before.  Walls and comforter.  (Sorry no before pics).  I wanted a bed spread with a pop of colour, but something timeless.  I found one at Quilt's Etc.  Still a lot of beige but offering a colour pallet to work with.  They also sold the drapes to add colour to the window wall and we used the same blue for a feature wall.

Duvet Cover: "Flame Tree"

And then my wonderful and "learning-to-be-handy-despite-it-not-coming-naturally" husband took on the project of adding the "faux" wainscoting.  He used trim and painted it and voila - it adds a decorative wall and replaces the need for a head board.

The other inspiration I had was to have some rich wood in the room.  I have often seen pallet art that I love and wanted to imitate, but make my own. We picked up some free crate lids from an add on Kijiji - they were in decent shape but very blonde wood.  I used Minwax Red Mohogany Wood Finish - just one coat was the perfect colour.  Then I coated it with Minwax Polycrylic Clear Satin.

Now the tricky part.  The quote.  I wanted the wood to stand out so I didn't want to cover it with words.  I thought about a bedroom and thought of either Love or Rest.  My husband thought love was to cliche so I was just going to put the word Rest on it.  But he thought about it some more and being the "involved-in-the-decorating" type (which I totally appreciate), found the quote; "Our hearts are restless, Lord, until they Rest in thee." Augustine.  I planned it out using my Creative Memories software (so sad they are closing down).

Fonts used
Champagne & Limousines
I was really hesitant about the actual painting of the words.  I didn't want it to look sloppy.  I got a really stiff and fine angled paint brush.  I debated about how to get the words on to the board, either using a projector or an ink transfer which I'd seen on Pinterest and DID NOT WORK.  I ended up printing out the words in the font and size I wanted them and then rubbing the back of the paper with chalk.  Then using the end of the paint brush traced over all the letters on to the board.  This worked so well and the letters looked crisp.  But then my wobbly hand ruined that.  It was so hard.  It ended up pretty wonky and I wasn't really happy with it.  I went over it a few more times, of course it ended up bolder than I had intended, but in the end only I know the imperfections and it is satisfactory for amateur art.

 I am happy now that it is hung.  To do this my husband mounted a board to the back of the pallet and then put heavy duty hooks on it, to which he hung from screws in the studs (still praying it doesn't come crashing down on us at night).  We still have a plan for a frame wall on the other wall, but for now I am at rest in my room and of course comforted by the reminder to Rest in the Lord.

With a Barrel and a Heap of Rest,


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  1. For not considering yourself a "decorator", you're pretty darn amazing. Looks fantastic, Steph! I'd hire you to decorate OUR house! ;)